Read Caroline’s DS 3 E-Tense review for everything you need to know about buying the upmarket DS compact crossover in Ireland.

DS Automobiles has updated the DS 3 for 2023, adding even more style and equipment. But it’s the electric DS 3 E-Tense that sees the most significant update with the addition of a new battery that gives this model a range now of up to 404 kilometres (WLTP).

The new DS 3 range will arrive in Ireland in April and pricing will be confirmed closer to launch.

Both petrol and electric models will be offered in two trim levels.

Caroline travelled to Spain with DS Automobiles Ireland to drive the new DS 3 ahead of its arrival in Ireland.

The new DS 3 E-Tense will arrive in Ireland in 2023
The new DS 3 E-Tense will arrive in Ireland in 2023


The DS 3 is styled as a fashionable compact crossover. Launched for the first time in Europe in 2019, it was previously known as the DS 3 Crossback, but now it’s known simply as the DS 3. It’s the most compact model DS makes alongside the newly launched DS 4, DS 7 and DS 9. DS is positioned as a premium brand and the DS 3 has a more sophisticated presence than many more mainstream rivals like the Ford Puma, Hyundai Kona and the Toyota Yaris Cross. That makes it more of a rival for premium competitors like the Audi Q2 and the Mini Countryman.

Most of the style updates take place around the front of the new DS 3. Efficiency has been a key part of the design with a new spoiler and grille redesigned to optimise the car’s aerodynamic performance. The grille is a little bit wider and is available with gloss black or chromed diamond tips depending on the model. There are also new LED headlights that come as standard across the range and a new design of the daytime running lights that takes inspiration from other models like the DS 7 and DS 4.

In Ireland the DS 3 will be available in two trim levels. The Bastille model comes with 17-inch wheels, while the Rivoli sits on a set of diamond cut 18-inch alloys for even more presence. Premium features include flush door handles that glide out to meet you as you approach the car.

There are two new colours – Diva Red (exclusive to new DS 3) – and Lacquered Grey. A contrast roof is available in Perla Black or new Carat Grey.

The interior of the new DS 3
The interior of the new DS 3


DS has lightly revamped the interior of the DS 3 to make it more modern. There are some new features like the new multifunction steering wheel and a glossy 10-inch touchscreen that is a big improvement on the previous version. The new DS Iris System is built in, offering connected navigation and intelligent voice recognition, as well as customisation of the central screen and the 7-inch instrument panel. The cabin of the DS does feel more plush and sophisticated than many more mainstream rivals, though the overall feel and quality is still some way off the new DS 4. The layout is also quite quirky with the door handles not where you expect them to be and the controls for the windows embedded in the centre console. Rivoli models get full leather seats as standard, which do make this car feel more luxurious than most. Standard features include a reversing camera, front and rear parking sensors, automatic air conditioning, folding electric mirrors and automatic headlights.


The DS 3 is a compact vehicle with a 350-litre boot that is only really average for this class of vehicle. It’s smaller than what you will find in a Puma, and premium rivals like the Q2 and Countryman. But the rear seats can be folded down for more space. Rear legroom is adequate but some rivals feel more spacious in the back of the car.

The DS 3 is one of the most upmarket compact crossovers on sale
The DS 3 is one of the most upmarket compact crossovers on sale


The new DS 3 E-Tense debuts the Stellantis Group’s new 54kWh battery. The previous model used a 50kWh battery. The range has increased from 320 kilometres to up to 404 kilometres (WLTP). This makes it more competitive against rival compact EVs like a Hyundai Kona Electric and the Kia Niro EV. The new electric motor benefits from the brand’s expertise acquired in Formula E. Power is up from 136hp to 156hp, though on the road this doesn’t impact the performance of the car too much. There’s still 260 Nm of torque and the DS 3 E-Tense feels good in all driving scenarios.

DS also offers the DS 3 with a 1.2-litre petrol engine that puts out 100hp in models with a manual gearbox and 130hp with the automatic gearbox.


Charging speeds remain the same with DC fast charging available up to 100kW (10% to 80% in 30 minutes). There’s also an 11kW on board charger for faster AC charging (0-100% in 5 hours).


The electric powertrain suits the DS 3 very well. The DS 3 moves over the tarmac with real elegance, and is one of the most comfortable and refined small electric crossovers you can buy. There’s plenty of sound insulation, which adds serenity to the cabin and it never gets too noisy on the motorway. Some EVs can feel quite firm on the road, but the DS is admirably softly sprung. The car doesn’t feel too heavy on the road so handling feels quite natural also.

Boot space in the new DS 3
Boot space in the new DS 3


Pricing for the new DS 3 range will be announced closer to launch. The current DS 3 range kicks off from about €31,000 for a petrol manual and from about €42,000 for an electric DS 3 E-Tense.


The DS 3 E-Tense has had a little more than just a facelift. A number of design improvements make the DS 3 E-Tense more efficient, while the new battery makes it more competitive overall with more electric driving range than ever before. It’s a compact car and some rivals offer better value overall, but the DS 3 bites back with its upmarket styling and premium driving experience. The cabin is more modern and some versions feel more luxurious than others but the DS 3 still has some way to catch up with the larger DS 4 for interior quality. Still, the DS 3 E-Tense makes a charming electric compact crossover and is something a little more chic and different than the competition.

The new DS 3 E-Tense has more electric range than before
The new DS 3 E-Tense has more electric range than before


Written by Caroline Kidd

Founder and Editor of Changing Lanes, Juror for Irish Car of the Year