Read Caroline’s Suzuki S-Cross review for everything you need to know about buying Suzuki’s new hybrid version of the S-Cross compact SUV in Ireland.

Suzuki launched an all-new S-Cross in Ireland in 2022, which was a radically transformed version of the brand’s popular compact SUV.

Responding to consumer preferences for hybrid vehicles, Suzuki has now expanded the S-Cross range with a new full hybrid version. It joins the S-Cross petrol mild hybrid that is already on sale priced from €30,465.

Suzuki is currently selling well in the Irish new car market with sales up in 2023 for all their key models like the Vitara, S-Cross, Swift, Swace and Ignis.

The Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid has arrived in Ireland
The Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid has arrived in Ireland

What’s so special about the S-Cross Full Hybrid?

Priced from €32,495, the new Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid seriously undercuts rivals in the compact SUV class like the Toyota Corolla Cross and Nissan Qashqai.

Suzuki has improved the styling of this new generation S-Cross model so it has an appealing tough and utilitarian look that is very fashionable among SUV buyers.

All S-Cross models are also very well equipped including 17-inch alloy wheels, LED headlamps, roof rails, rear privacy glass and silver skid plates under the bumpers.

The S-Cross Full Hybrid is not yet available in the top of the range Ultra trim so for now if you opt for the hybrid you won’t be able to enjoy extra gear like a panoramic sunroof, 360 camera and all wheel drive.

The new S-Cross Full Hybrid uses the same 1.5-litre petrol electric hybrid as the Vitara Full Hybrid. It promises even greater efficiency than the S-Cross petrol mild hybrid and many of its rivals. With that sort of sticker price, it’s definitely worth some attention but can it compete with the best in class?

Inside the S-Cross Hybrid
The cabin of the S-Cross Hybrid

Inside the S-Cross

The S-Cross sports a hard-wearing and durable feeling cabin. It’s not the most stylish but it is very well-built. It does feel a little bit old-fashioned already compared to a Qashqai or a Sportage with quite dated graphics on the instrument panel and touchscreen. But there’s Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so you can bypass the native system.

The new S-Cross Full Hybrid is also the first Suzuki to feature the new Suzuki Connect app, which you can use to remotely lock the car, review the driving history, and find its location when parked.

The Suzuki is strong on standard equipment with heated front seats, keyless entry and start, dual zone climate control, reversing camera, adaptive cruise control and lots of safety features included for €32,495.

It is a compact vehicle but there are good sized footwells in the back so two adults or a couple of children should feel comfortable there.

The mild hybrid is best for boot space at 430 litres. Go for the full hybrid and that goes down to 293 litres. That’s a good way off the best in class but of course may still be just fine for some buyers and there is a handy flat loading sill.

The S-Cross Full Hybrid is one of the most affordable compact SUVs on sale
The S-Cross Full Hybrid is one of the most efficient and affordable compact SUVs on sale

Driving the S-Cross Full Hybrid

Suzuki’s S-Cross Full Hybrid uses a Suzuki-developed, 1.5-litre hybrid powertrain. It has less power and torque than the mild hybrid and has been designed to be more efficient.

It also comes with Auto Gear Shift (AGS), which is an automated manual transmission that saves weight compared to a conventional automatic.

The S-Cross Full Hybrid loses a little in driver appeal compared to the S-Cross mild hybrid. It’s not the most sophisticated or refined hybrid powertrain. It can be slow to respond when you press the accelerator, with quite a lot of noise from the transmission. But once it gets going, it feels nippy enough and is also comfortable for the most part too.

The S-Cross is lighter than rivals so the Suzuki S-Cross mild hybrid did return good fuel economy when I drove it last year. The S-Cross Full Hybrid does even a little better, averaging about 5.5 litres per 100 kilometres during my time with the car.

Boot space in the Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid
Boot space in the Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid

Did you like it?

The Suzuki S-Cross offers remarkable good value for a compact family SUV in today’s market.

The S-Cross is not without its foibles. Rivals come across as more modern and polished overall. The mild hybrid feels like a better value proposition as it’s nicer to drive and makes no compromise to boot space – while also being reliably efficient.

With high levels of standard equipment, trendy SUV looks and good efficiency whether you go full hybrid or mild hybrid, the Suzuki S-Cross is a great option to fight inflation and rising living costs.

Model tested: Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid Motion
1.5-litre petrol-electric hybrid
Power: 115hp
Torque: 138Nm
Top speed:  175km/h
Acceleration (0-100 km/h): 12.7 seconds
CO2 emissions: 
Motor Tax: 
€190 per year


Written by Caroline Kidd

Founder and Editor of Changing Lanes, Juror for Irish Car of the Year

The Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid is on sale from €32,495
The Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid is on sale from €32,495